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Create your own adventure and discover the untouched waters of The Turks and Caicos. Have your own Stand Up Paddle Board or kayak waiting at your doorstep before you arrive!

Delivered to your resort, villa or rental house at a time that suits you.

Have the freedom to paddle where you want, when you want. Whether you’re staying at a resort in Grace Bay, in a rental villa near Chalk Sound, or traveling on a boat…. SUP PROVO offers a large fleet of rental boards (3 different sizes) and kayaks (single and tandem) delivered anywhere on Provo. Unlike other rental companies, our boards are NOT inflatable.


SUP PROVO offers FREE pickup/ delivery for weekly rentals ($50 fee otherwise).

SUP board and kayak rental rates:
…also included is your Free “INTRO TO PADDLE BOARDING” lesson

$75 per day
Add $50 pickup/ delivery fee for rentals less then 3 days
$350 per week (FREE delivery to anywhere on Provo)

SUP PROVO’s fleet of BIC Ace Tec rental boards come in 3 sizes. Our most popular is the versatile composite 11’4. All rentals come with a paddle, leash and intro lesson.



GET PREPARED before creating your own paddle board / kayak adventures around the Turks and Caicos back country and beautiful beaches. Let one of our ASI Certified instructors teach you the basics in our FREE “INTRO TO PADDLE BOARDING” course. This will leave you feeling confident to start your journey of paddle boarding through paradise. If you are not an experienced paddle boarder, we recommend taking this lesson prior to snorkeling spots, backcountry mangrove cruising, or discover untouched beaches for a romantic lunch. During your lesson, be sure to take advantage of your instructor’s local knowledge on where you should plan to paddle. Feel comfortable with creating your own adventure in the pursuit of new knowledge of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

During the intro to SUP lesson, your instructor will cover:

  • safety
  • equipment basics and proper paddle adjustments
  • proper mount and dismount techniques
  • how to carry the paddle board and paddle
  • balance and board positioning
  • basic forward stroke
  • proper power strokes (INCLUDING catch, power phase, exit and recovery)
  • advanced turning strokes (rear sweep and front sweep)
  • insight into a few secret spots around your area!

Turks and Caicos Premier Paddleboard outfitter!