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SUP Provo is devoted to offering an engaging, educational, and fun paddle board and kayak tour experience through the mangrove islands of Turks and Caicos.

Our guides are passionate, friendly, and fun. They are trained to provide the most comprehensive, enjoyable, and safe paddle boarding and kayak tours.

They will start with an introduction to paddling before every tour so first-timers feel comfortable and build their paddling confidence.

Our guides love Mangrove Island and do their best to preserve it so visitors of Turks and Caicos can keep enjoying it for years to come. This is why they will advise you not to touch the wildlife, to avoid stepping on the ground in order not to disturb this very interconnected ecosystem, and they’ll help you master your craft so you don’t crash into the mangrove and break its branches. 🙂

When our team of eco guides is not paddling through the mangrove channels, they teach kiteboarding on Long Bay Beach through our sister company, KiteProvo.


As a Florida native, I have spent the majority of my life on the ocean. I’ve always been driven towards paddle boarding, kitesurfing, fishing, diving, free diving, snorkeling, surfing and exploring by boat. At the age of about 10, an abandoned paddleboard drifted into the canal waterway where I lived. Me and my best friend each had 1/2 off an old kayak paddle which we used to paddle us along as we explored miles of neighboring docks, beaches and canals. This board soon became a major centerpiece of my childhood as I had my first vessel to explore on. The great experiences I had on this board formed the foundation that later led to a career & the creation of this business- SUP Provo. 

In 2012, I became an ASI (Academy of SUP instruction) certified Paddle boarding instructor through WSUPA (World Stand Up Paddleboard Association). Shortly after, I began doing paddleboard and kayak tours here in the Turks & Caicos. I encourage you to join us on our Mangrove Island ‘Turtle Tour’. Still to this day, it is the most magical paddle boarding experience I have ever been on.


When I arrived in Turks and Caicos it was to work mainly as a kitesurfing instructor. The SUP Provo part of the job was just something I “had” to do as part of the job!

That all changed on my very first tour shadowing one of the other guides! – My mind was blown away! Blown away by the beauty of the mangrove, the crystal clear water, the stories about the ecosystem and of course the countless turtles I saw! 

Ever since it has been one of my absolute favorite things to do on Provo, no matter if it’s guiding the tour or just going in my free time. It’s such an amazing world to enter and I love sharing this beautiful gem and my love for it with people and seeing or hearing the excitement when they see the first turtle or baby lemon shark! 

In my opinion it’s a absolute must do when visiting this paradise island – your TCI experience is not complete before you have been paddle boarding in the mangroves! 

So allow me to blow your mind away as well! 


As a nature enthusiast I find the paddleboard tour through the mangroves very exciting, every single time I get to guide one. The amount of marine life present in Mangrove Cay is unbelievable and I feel extremly privileged to be able to explore this unique ecosystem so often. My favourite animals to observe during the tours are definitely baby Lemon Sharks and Stingrays, it’s always fun to watch turtles coming to the surface to catch a breath too. I love spreading the knowledge about mangroves and how important they are for our planet. It feels very fulfilling and satisfying to teach people about nature’s beauty.

Experience the Magical Mangrove Island Turtle Tour

Our guides love Mangrove Island and do their best to preserve it so visitors of Turks and Caicos can enjoy it for years to come. They will advise you not to touch the wildlife and avoid stepping on the ground to avoid disturbing this interconnected ecosystem, and they’ll help you master your craft so you don’t crash into the mangrove and break its branches.

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David Bobrowsky
David Bobrowsky
We had Jay as the instructor for my 15 year old daughter and myself and we had a great time and learned a lot. We had never done kite boarding before today and we learned enough basic controls of the kite, how to get it out of the water when we crashed it into the water and started to get up on the board. Jay was very patient even when I did not do what he said, my daughter listened so she was his favorite. If we have time we will probably do another lesson. I would highly recommend using the Kite Provo Kiteboarding school. Update: We went back to Turks and Caicos this summer and had Alan as our instructor and he was great, just refreshed us on the skills we learned last year and moved us forward. We had a great time and I do not know how to say this any better but Kite Provo Kiteboarding School is GREAT.
Michael Swiatocha
Michael Swiatocha
Great experience- SUPs were delivered on time and we used them for our entire trip.
Nisha Khanna
Nisha Khanna
Lovely morning with lots of wildlife, and a fantastic naturalist as guide and teacher! My daughters and I are fairly new to SUP, having only been once before, several years ago, with the same organization. The other participants cancelled at the last minute, and we had a private tour with Mark. He was absolutely the best we could possibly expect. Patient and calm, constantly keeping an eye on us to see that we felt safe, encouraging us to try and stand up where the water and wind were calm, etc. He is also very knowledgeable and caring about the marine ecosystem and sea-life. We saw lots of turtles, baby sharks, and various other creatures. We especially appreciated that he was focused on preserving the ecosystem, even at the expense of providing us with additional "thrills". He is also very honest about what he does and doesn't know. Thanks, Mark, for an exceptional experience.
Andy Brijmohansingh
Andy Brijmohansingh
Service was excellent. Instructor was patient and very friendly. I definitely recommend
Ed Chin
Ed Chin
Went for a water start refresher.... Lessons as expected. The team was super cool and friendly.
Zach Newsome
Zach Newsome
I had an absolute blast today trying out kitesurfing for the first time! The instructor was super patient with my errors and taylored the training perfectly to fit my life experience. Thanks to a phone call the morning of, I was able to get in the same day. The online reservation is for more than 24 hours notice.
Victor Rosales
Victor Rosales
Instructors are great, they showed me some issues with my technique and was improved by end of session. There will provide you with excellent equipment, but I brought my own and the instructor showed me some things about my equipment I didn’t even know .
antoine planque
antoine planque
Just finished a 10 lesson course (20 hrs) with Sarah Jane. Extremely satisfied, SJ has been very patient and helpful, and thanks to this I have been able to improvement considerably in all areas. Thanks also to Julie for the first lesson, also an excellent coach. And finally thanks also to Alan and the other coaches, they are a superb team for anyone who wants to improve and progress, Long Bay in Turks & Caicos is certainly one of the best places to learn and improve kitesurfing.

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