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Guided Eco-Tours (Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board)


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Upcoming group Eco Guided Tours (See Date)

We offer eco adventure tours on paddleboards and kayaks every day of the year.  This is our Mangrove Tour schedule as it must be at high tide and is only offered one time a day.  If you want to schedule a tour other than a Mangrove Tour contact us for days and times.  If you don’t see your travel dates, contact us.We organize the Mangrove Tours around the high tide times of the day to ensure you see the most wildlife.

We do require an advanced reservation to join our eco-tours, please use the “contact us” link to complete a reservation.

SUP PROVO’s Eco tours

SUP PROVO Eco Paddle Board or Kayak Tours are unique as we offer exclusive private tours for you and your friends and family. No crowds or large groups. The experience is about YOU. Choose to paddle on a single or tandem kayak or on one of our BIC Ace Tec SUP boards (3 sizes available).
Our Eco Guides are knowledgeable on a wide variety of biology and science topics. We share a passion for the local aquatic environment and are all in- touch with the ecosystems found in our different tour locations. We focus on the details that make our tours and country truly ‘Beautiful by Nature’

TOUR COST (4 or less): $125 per person (from pickup to drop off… approx. 2.5 hours)

Group/ family rates (5 or more): $89/ person

Kids are welcome to join. Kids under 70lbs can ‘ride along’ on our guides SUP board. We are also now offering new tandem kayaks, a perfect way for younger kids to enjoy the experience of our magical eco tours. They are sure to love the experience and can have a paddle to feel like they are a part of the action!

A 12% government tax will be added to all rentals and tours


MANGROVE ISLAND TOUR (Our most popular tour!)


A Magical journey through the shallow water estuaries. If you have not been on one of our eco-adventures, we recommend you start with this tour as it offers amazing diversity and is the easiest tour so suited for all skill levels.
You will paddle to a neighboring small mangrove island, which offers hidden trails that zigzag throughout it. we are experts in the eco-system and share with you the science and nature of this magical world.  Our eco-guides have a trained eye and will point out things often missed by the untrained eye.  Our eco-guides are widely educated in the plant life, the wildlife, biology, and chemistry of the marine aquatic eco-system.  Be mesmerized by their knowledge while having a close encounter with turtles, baby sharks, rays, snapper, small reef fish, herons, anemones, invertebrates’, star fish, conch,  comerants, and pelicans.  If beautiful sights and picturesque views are your thing, then this is the tour for you.
*** kayak’s are also available


shalkChalk-Sound-tour-Chalk sound is one of the countries most pristine nature preserve. It sits on the south side of the island and is often rated as the most scenic place on the island. The color of the water in the natural sound is a florescent turquoise blue surrounded by natural iron shore. The middle of the sound is full of small islands, which appear to be floating above the water as the erosion of the iron shore rock formations has created space between the water and the islands. Your eco guide will take you to these islands, one of which is full of iguanas! We will stop and see the dense population of these curious reptiles. This tour is best suited for more experienced paddlers, but the amazing waters and islands make it a must see for your list!

Contact us for details and questions

Our adventures and eco tours are customized to allow everyone to enjoy this new sport. A Turks and Caicos Paddleboard or kayak tour can be a family fun outing or a challenging adrenaline thrill. SUP PROVO has a tour for you.

Paddleboarding is not only a visual experience but also an amazing physical workout. There is no better place to take your first paddleboard adventure than here in the turquoise waters of The Turks and Caicos Islands. The local knowledge of our guides will give you a first hand insight into the backcountry waters located in and around our islands. During your tour, be on the lookout for fish swimming beneath you, iguanas sun tanning, stingrays flying across sand flats, or even the occasional sea turtle swimming along with you.

Before the adventure begins, SUP PROVO’s ASI certified guides will walk you through a few Paddle boarding basics prior to takeoff.

Turks and Caicos Premier Paddleboard outfitter!